Meditation For Children, Our Experience
May 2019


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Meditation For Children, Our Experience

Start to to help them understand and practice some stillness.

With two lively daughters aged 3 and 6 who are super active and can’t stay still at all, I constantly encourage the concept of “Stillness” for at least 5-10 mins every day, specifically first thing in the mornings.

This may involve listening for noises and discovering what these noises are.

I may say to them “I think I can hear a frog outside, or maybe is a tiger!”.  

They then try to discover if that’s true.

They then may respond, “Dad you're silly, it’s just a Bird”.


Practising similar games has enabled them to sit still for at least 5 mins and play the game willingly.
I believe it’s a good start to deeper awareness and mindfulness, if practised daily and expanded.

Birds Chirping

Playing a YouTube video of “bird song for 5-10 mins”, or similar, but different each day has also worked.

Have a listen to:
Birds sounds / Birds chirping / Birds singing.
Crestvideos, Published on 29 Apr 2013

Simple Seated Yoga Nidra

What works well and is powerful, is to teach a simple short-seated Yoga Nidra to your children.  This begins by sitting still, closing your eyes and starting to think of your toes, wiggle them, and then relax them, then go to your feet wiggle them, then relax them, then your legs, and repeat, naming as many parts of the body that they know about, wiggle it, and then relax it, all the way to your arms, then head, neck, face, ears etc .etc., arriving and finishing by placing your hand on your centre heart, on your chest. Great start for body awareness, and stillness naturally happens in everyone, even in children as young as three.

Have a listen to: 
3 Minutes Body Scan Meditation - Mindfulness For Kids
Fableflye -The Whole Child
Published on 11 Apr 2017

Kids learn by watching Adults

Furthermore, and most importantly, children learn by watching their parents. When their Parents practice meditation often, they learn the “Meditation Word” early on. They then know it’s an important part of life and will eventually follow the trend. I believe this to be the most important action that will affect the whole family, and always for the better.

Continue doing what kids like doing

Of course going on outings, encouraging outside play, bush walking and outdoor adventures, is assumed and practised as often as possible.

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