Meditation for Men
May 2019


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Meditation for Men

Many men are skeptical about meditation as they simply assume it’s a thing that either woman or monks do.

Well, you know what they say about assuming!

I can tell you, I’ve been meditating on and off for over 15  years. (WOW! I can’t believe it’s been that long.) I can tell you, before I got married, previous ladies always found it quite attractive that I maintained a meditation practice. Some of them didn’t ever have the opportunity or motivation to meditate, so it was a good way for me teach them the basics to get them started.

Now with this article we will list in detail some specific benefits for men when it comes to meditation.


Most men tend to be very logical thinkers. We pride ourselves with our reasoning and practicality. When there’s a problem, we will work endlessly to find a solution.

Some of us will never admit it, but we also have a habit to attempt to control the outcomes of certain situations. Because we tend to be down-to-earth, we find it difficult to give up control of an outcome we feel we have the ability to change. It’s usually the fear of an unwanted result that creates this drive.

However, by keeping up the need for control, we are basically blocking a very important part of life – possibility.

Meditation has been said to be the path to all possibilities. By calming the mind, we’re literally expanding our awareness, which directly aids in problem solving. This gives us a chance to let go of the psychological bindings of control, and let the universe make its choice on our behalf.

You’ll be amazed when you realize that life becomes oh so much easier when you allow things to work in a natural way, or “Flow as water” like Bruce Lee once said.

Stepping back

We all let the bs get to us sometimes. Whether you’re asking your boss for a raise, your girlfriend who’s always trying to start a fight with you, your roommate who’s stealing your food, or something else. There always seems to be at least one or two things that are affecting our thought process negatively at any given time. It’s normal for small things to snowball into bigger things if we don’t deal with them right away.

When these things happen, we often let such things cloud our judgment. It slowly takes over our thinking minds until we can’t get it out of our thoughts for even a few minutes. These thoughts usually aren’t positive, if anything they make the situation worse and cause you to be more stressed snowballing even further.

Meditation however, helps you step back from these problems. By taking a break from these thoughts for a few minutes, you’ll help ground yourself back to reality. It’s common for you to forget about the minor things completely, or quickly think of the proper way to fix said issues. Usually, because these issues started small and just snowballed in your head, they can be solved quite easily.

Physical benefits for men

When one has anxiety, your body physically changes. Are you having circulatory problems? Do you have trouble getting to sleep at night? Do you have a hard time focusing at work or school?

Endless studies have proven that through meditation, men perform better physically, emotionally and mentally. When you put aside time each day (even 5 minutes) to consciously breathe deeply, letting your lungs expand and contract, your breathing improves. When your breathing improves, your circulation improves, and so does your clarity and focus. You begin to perform at a much higher level in school or at work. Soon, you will become better at handling anxiety and stress with no issue.

Hundreds of scientific studies have proven that meditation can decrease the following: respiratory rate, heart palpitations, blood pressure, and reduce the risk of many diseases such as dementia. 

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